Bali Cliff Top Sunset |Single Fin Bar

Hello guys, today is a bit raining day in Bali. Please take care when you would like to travel around this paradise island. I recommended you to prepare your safety equipment for rain such as raincoat, umbrella, etc. Today I would like to inform one important information for you to be one of recommendation for your trip in Bali. This is a great place to find the sunset in Bali. As we know Bali famously an island that has a lot of beach with great sunset and sunrise view.

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Uluwatu Temple | Bali Place of Interest

Hey, how was your day? today I would like to deliver an information about one best place in Bali that you must to visit when you would like to see the beautiful sunset. Bali as a small provinces of Indonesia has a lot of beautiful tourist destination for you to visit. One of that tourist destination is Uluwatu Temple. Uluwatu Temple is one of Hindu’s Temple.

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