Bali Cliff Top Sunset |Single Fin Bar

Hello guys, today is a bit raining day in Bali. Please take care when you would like to travel around this paradise island. I recommended you to prepare your safety equipment for rain such as raincoat, umbrella, etc. Today I would like to inform one important information for you to be one of recommendation for your trip in Bali. This is a great place to find the sunset in Bali. As we know Bali famously an island that has a lot of beach with great sunset and sunrise view.

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Balinese Unique Traditional Dance | Kecak Dance

Good morning ladies and gentlemen in this blessing day, I would like to share an information about one of unique traditional dance in Bali. This dance called Kecak Dance. Have you even heard about thus dance before? Kecak dance is really popular in Bali, and I recommended to you if you would like to watch this dance on your vacation in Bali you may go to Uluwatu temple, or Ubud palace to find this dance. Continue reading